Our Core Capabilities

Advisory Boards

The HCA Group has planned and executed national, regional, and community advisory boards in a variety of therapeutic areas. The HCA Group capabilities include: agenda development, slide content development, meeting logistics, development of meeting materials (welcome kits, references, agreements, thank you letters), participant evaluations, all aspects of on-site staffing, and post-meeting materials (executive summary, transcript, CD-ROM of audio).

Clinical Backgrounders

The HCA Group has written clinical backgrounder slide decks to integrate and analyze available clinical data from multiple sources on one or more competitor products for ongoing internal use by clients. The clinical backgrounders are updated on a quarterly or biannual basis depending on client needs.

Competitive Intelligence

The HCA Group has extensive experience in providing a critical assessment of key clinical data and market positioning for specific competitor products through monitoring clinical data presentations, booth activity, satellite events, and company press releases at key congresses for a variety of therapeutic areas.

Conference & Congress Initiatives

The HCA Group has planned, developed, and executed initiatives around medical conferences and congresses for many years. Our staff understands the nuances and societal guidelines and expertly handles initiatives such as:

  • Corporate Events (Internal/External Meetings, Receptions, Sales Meetings)
  • Educational Programs (Meet the Experts, Electronic Activities, Booth Panels, Posters)
  • Exhibit Booth Development and Management
  • Exhibit Booth Activity Development & Management (Disease State and Promotional)
  • Meeting Highlights/Reports

Congress KOL Encounters

The HCA Group has extensive experience in identification and recruitment of appropriate key opinion leaders (KOLs) for a variety of disease state indications. The KOL Encounters utilize a coordinated approach to track KOL activities at key congresses.

GAP Analysis & Publication Planning

The HCA Group has performed GAP analyses to identify relevant topics or ideas that are not adequately covered in the scientific literature. The goal of a GAP analysis is to ensure that all key messages can be supported by clinical data derived from clinical development or lifecycle management plans. Publication planning includes developing a detailed plan that outlines the timely presentation of verified scientific and clinical data to appropriate healthcare professionals such as physicians, pharmacists, and nurses, as a drug proceeds in clinical trials and after it is marketed. Working as a team, the HCA Group publication planning team proposes strategic and efficient ways to disseminate clinical data for new potential therapies to physicians and other healthcare provider target audiences in a variety of therapeutic areas.

KOL Identification & Influence Mapping

The HCA Group has extensive experience with identification, influence mapping, and database development of key opinion leaders (KOLs) in a variety of therapeutic areas. The HCA Group has developed a customizable algorithm that relies on quantitative research for KOL identification. The HCA Group also provides subjective KOL valuation rankings (ie, elite, national, regional, rising star) based on specific brand needs for maximizing return on investment for promotional programs and overall product lifecycle management. The KOL identification and influence mapping information can be uploaded into the KOLMS® Key Opinion Leader Management System. 


KOLMS­® is a Key Opinion Leader Management System that is a proprietary system of the HealthCare Alliance Group, LLC. It provides brand teams with a tool that can research, map, and track key opinion leaders (KOLs) all in one place. KOLMS® offers the ability to optimize and better manage thought leader engagements and activities while keeping multiple team members up to date real time. It provides features such as automated research capabilities to better understand a KOL’s involvement in important areas such as publications, clinical trials, etc. Some of the other standard features include: tracking of contact information, KOL engagements (type, date, location, and attendees), publications, honoraria cap management, individual skills (written communications, complex to simple, scientific acumen, relatability, compliance), and ranking (national, regional, local). KOLMS® even has the capability to offer user levels of permissioned access to specific features across multiple roles or departments based on organization (licensee) parameters. This on demand portal is password protected, with a user-friendly dashboard that allow users to input information with editing capabilities. It is customizable to the uniqueness of the organization (the licensee) who licenses the rights to use it. For more information or a demo on KOLMS®, email info@KOLMSportal.com.

KOLMS® is a trademark of the HealthCare Alliance Group, LLC

Patient Education & Promotion

The HCA Group has specific experience working with clients, both within industry and non-profit health advocacy organizations, to develop innovative and cost-effective strategies to reach patients and caregivers. Our team has specific expertise in interpretation and adherence to industry, ethical, and individual client guidelines and parameters surrounding direct-to-consumer communication. Some unique examples of patient education and promotion projects include:

  • Adverse Event Reporting and Management
  • Books, Guides and Handbooks
  • Content Development
  • Enduring Online Materials
  • Focus Groups (Live and Virtual)
  • Interactive Online Disease Tracker Systems
  • KOL Speaker Training Specific to Patient Audience
  • Live Interactive Educational Programs
  • Patient Contact Database Management/Hosting
  • Print and E-newsletters
  • Program-in-a-Box Regional Programs
  • Teleconference Series
  • Webcast Series With Interactive Chat Feature

Promotional Slide Decks & Speaker Bureaus

The HCA Group has significant experience in developing slide content for promotional meetings. The HCA Group is also efficient and effective in recruiting potential speakers and key opinion leaders necessary for conducting successful promotional speaker bureaus.

Promotional Education

The HCA Group understands the importance of promotional/on-label education. These programs are very effective when appropriately communicating product attributes and therapeutic usage based on FDA approved indications while meeting individual corporate needs and compliance standards. The HCA Group offers a variety of multimedia driven promotional education initiatives such as:

  • Dinner Meetings
  • Lecture Series (Live and Virtual)
  • Mobile Device Programs
  • Print & E-Newsletters
  • Print & E-Monographs
  • Regional Live Meetings
  • Slide Kits
  • Speaker Bureaus
  • Speaker Training
  • Teleconference Series (Live and Enduring Archives)
  • Webcast Series (Live and Enduring Archives)

Strategic & Tactical Brand Planning

The HCA Group has planned and executed strategic and tactical brand planning to enhance product recognition and positioning for intended target audiences in a variety of therapeutic areas.